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The township of Bentham, sitting alongside the River Wenning, is comprised of two village settlements, High Bentham and Low Bentham, with a combined population of just over 3,000.


With roots in both industry and farming, Bentham is in every sense a working town.  It has an established manufacturing base with an international reputation for producing high quality fire fighting equipment, close to the site where the woven fire hose was invented and first manufactured. 


This reputation is matched very ably by that of the local farming community, at the heart of which is one of the busiest farmers' auction marts in the North of England.  The area is well known for the consistent quality of its contribution to the country's food chain.

 Bentham offers a wide and varied programme of sporting and leisure activities, and also makes appropriate provision for spiritual needs.


Bentham Methodist Chapel is located in close proximity to the railway station, which provides access to the Leeds / Lancaster and Morecambe line, and is conveniently close to the centre of the town.


The Church has 60 members and is part of Churches Together in Bentham, with the Society of Friends, the Anglicans and the Catholics.


As well as meeting for worship on Sundays, there are a number of other activities taking place during the week in the church and in members' homes, where the love of God can be shared in different ways.


The Church undertook a development project in 2009/10 to improve the interior of the church, to enable a wider range of services and events to be held.  Completed in May 2010, the church invites you to come and worship with us.


The Godly Play Room is a carefully designed learning space, used to offer a sacred space to encourage spiritual learning as well as intellectual learning.  In most religious education children are told who God is...   in Godly Play children discover who God may be. 


The Godly Play team offers school assemblies and lessons followed by visits to the Godly Play room to support local RE syllabus requirements.  The whole programme is designed to make a considerable contribution to the awe and wonder element of the curriculum. 


In addition to schools, church groups are invited to visit to hear a well known Bible story retold and to wonder and respond.  


Any interested group should contact Liz Whitfield 015242 61230.

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