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Hellifield Methodist Church celebrated its 126th Anniversary in July 2019, with a Songs of Praise service at Hellifield Station, attended by more than 100 people from across the village and the Settle Circuit. The service was led by Rev. Tim Broughton, with the Giggleswick and Settle Brass Band playing the hymns.


Hellifield rapidly rose in importance when its small, country railway station was converted by the Midland Railway Co. into an important junction with extensive sidings and large engine sheds.


A large staff of employees was necessary and houses were built for their accommodation and, in 1886, the Methodist Church arranged for services to be held in a cottage house on Midland Terrace.

About this time a large Temperance Hotel was built, and taken over by two ladies who were ardent Methodists. They wrote to a well known mission, the Joyful News in Rochdale, whose principal, the Rev. Thos. Champness was doing great work for rural Methodism. He sent evangelists to Hellifield who, with the help of local preachers from the Settle Methodist Circuit, established regular meetings in the hotel. This work prospered and, in December 1891 a suitable site was identified for a new chapel, a scheme that was taken up with great enthusiasm, and sewing meetings and teas were organised to help raise funds. 


The new chapel was opened, in Haw Grove, in 1893, entirely free from debt. The preacher at the opening ceremony was the Rev. Thos. Champness, of the Joyful News Mission, who spoke to a packed church. This was followed by an evening meeting at the Auction Mart, which almost filled the large building. 



Since those early beginnings, a room and kitchen was added to the chapel for a Sunday School, which now houses a regular drop in and weekly "Hellitots" events on a Tuesday morning, together with film shows, bible study and fellowship meetings.


The church continues to meet regularly in the chapel for services, at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon.

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